“I have on several occasions gotten calls from clients of mine with questions about listing their homes and I am able to send them an amazingly professional and in-depth overview and opinion in minutes.”

I’ve been a broker for more than 18 years and I have never seen anything to compare to this anywhere. Truly amazing!!

Ed Hardesty

“The greatest feature of the Edge and I saw it in my sellers eyes, is that we’re able to pinpoint who the buyers are and we’re able to show the sellers exactly the properties that they’re looking for which are competitive with their property.”

The Edge sets me and Elliman apart.
We at Elliman already have buyers for properties that do not even exist yet…

Ellen Schwartz

“By using these technological tools that Douglas Elliman is developing you really have the ability to immediately put yourself in the front running.”

Maggie Leigh Marshall (Deniro Team)